Engine Timing Tool Set For Bmw M42 / M44 / M50 / M52 / M54 / M56
Installation, removal and timing of the variable camshaft
timing unit. Checking and adjusting of the camshaft timing/belt
Easily accessible operates the instruction, including the cross
reference to the original part number.
Spare part is optionally available. Clear the arrangement of tool
in high quality plastic case with the soft foam insertion.
Application: E30: 318iS 16v Bj. 89-91 (M42) E34: 518i Bj. 94-96 (M43), 520i Bj. 89-96, 525i Bj. 89-96, 525i Bj. 89-96 Single Vanos E36: 316i Bj. 93-99, 318iS/Coupe Bj. 92-98, 318i Bj. 93-99 (M43), 318ti compact Bj. 94-98 (M42), 318iS/Coupe Bj. 96-99, 318ti compact Bj. 96-01 (M44), 320i Bj. 98-06 twin Vanos (M52), 323i Compact Bj. 95-01-Single Vanos, 325i bj. 91-97, 325i Bj.91-97 Single Vanos E38: 328i Bj. 95-99 Single Vanos, 728i Bj. 95-98 Single Vanos, 728i Bj. 98-02 Twin Vanos E39: 520i Bj. 95-99 Single Vanos, 520i Bj. 98-03 Twin Vanos, 523i Bj. 95-99 Single Vanos, 523i Bj. 98-01 Twin Vanos, 525i Bj. 00-03 Twin Vanos, 528i Bj. 96-00 Single Vanos, 528i Bj. 96-01 Twin Vanos (M52), 530i Bj. 00-03 Twin Vanos E43: 520i Bj. 89-96 Single Vanos E46: 316i Bj. 99-04, 316i Compact Bj. 94-01 (M43), 318i Bj. 98-04 (M43), 320i Bj. 98-06 Twin Vanos (M52), 323i Compact Bj. 95-01 Single Vanos, 323i Bj. 98-01 Twin Vanos (M52), 325i Compact Bj. 00-06 Twin Vanos, 328i Bj. 98-01 Twin Vanos, 330i Bj. 00-06 Twin Vanos E53: X5-3.0I Bj. 99-05 Twin Vanos (M54), Z3-1.8i Bj. 96-99, 1.9i Bj. 99-03 (M43/M44), 2.0i Bj. 99-03 Twin Vanos (M52), 2.2i Bj. 00-03 Twin Vanos (M52), 2.8i Bj. 97-99 Single Vanos, 2.8i Bj. 00-03 Twin Vanos, 3.0i Bj. 00-03 Twin Vanos (M52) E60/E61: Bj. 03-05 Twin Vanos, 525i Bj. 03-05 Twin Vanos, 530i Bj. 03-05 Twin Vanos E65/E66: 730i Bj. 02-05 Twin Vanos E83: X3-2.5I Bj. 03-06 Twin Vanos, X3-3.0I Bj 03-06 Twin Vanos E85: Z4-2.2I Bj. 03-06 Twin Vanos, 2.5I 03-06 Twin Vanos, 3.0I Bj.03-07 Twin Vanos
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